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Honey Series 2015

Gravity Project Honey Series 2014After another successful Honey Series in 2014, Gravity Project Events are back for 2015 with 5 more grassroots races in the south. The series structure remains unchanged, but with the Froyle quarry now off-limits there's going to be new venues this year!

New to GP? Expect downhill mountain bike racing in a laid-back fun environment, with tracks averaging about 1 minute in length. It's an ideal series for beginners and veterans alike, all for just £22 when you pre enter online.

New directions for the Hollycombe venue, please don't use the steam fair for access.

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* British Cycling Entries Are Now Live *


Full event details to follow...

Postcode for tomorrow's event is GU31 5SN.

Please Don't Rely Solely On Your Sat Nav!

Study The Map Below.


Gravity Project Honey Series Round 3, Avery Farm 10th May 2015. Back to to what is now a regular for the Honey Series but, are we finally going to see the dusty racing here we've been dreaming for here the last 3 years.

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Gravity Project Honey Series Round 2, Rogate 5th April 2015. Back to a classic! Race number two for 2015 is at one of everyone's favourite winter riding spots and there's no possible way it can be muddier than Hollycombe.

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OK, things are staring to move again and we've made the decision to break out one of our new venues straight out of the gate. More details to follow over the weekend so check back soon.

Gravity Project Honey Series Round 1, Hollycombe 1st March 2015. The first of this years races and we're straight off to the 'new' home of the Gravity Project.

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