Gravity Project rd 4 2014 Race Report

The QE (Queen Elizabeth Country Park) round is always one of the more popular honey series race dates due to the size of the hill. This year the Gravity Project team produced a new top section over last years track.


The root!
The root of doom...

This saw 132 riders weave through a rooty, berm and jump filled narrow tree in closed affair. You could roll all the jumps and only the brave attempted the jump into the berm. I think if it was a bit drier more would of hit it. And talking of conditions it was pretty greasy in some places, especially on the roots. One hot spot was the roots directly after the new rock and roll garden. This was a tricky place for some and a favorite gathering point for the cheering crowd. Just as you came of the rocks the roots where under your wheels and this took a lot of riders down.

The cheering crowd loved this section

After this section, the track rejoined last years course at the point prior to the jump before last years rock garden. From then on apart from one corner it pretty much stayed the same. A good choice as there was talk of changing the tight tricky bit with the steps in. I think this bit is good bit of track as riders come into here fast and have to slow and gain a good judge of speed to make it through smoothly. A lot of people go to fast in and it results with them going off line. So very challenging.

Just the bottom section to go and your home and dry. Yes dry :)

After this it's the road crossing pass the encouraging crowd into the home run which happens to be great fun to ride and makes easy viewing for the crowd due to the nature of the hill.

Whisper Bikes
Whisper Bikes track side, on line, in store. He's got your back.

Track side and supporting the series sees Mr Whisper bike shop man with a healthy display of fine mountain bike parts and bling. As well as the bling he sure keeps himself busy fixing the riders rigs up and genuinely being a nice guy. An asset to the series and a bike shop worth supporting in anyone's books.

Along side Whisper is Bowtells farm shop. Lovely people with the most amazing mouth watering food. Honestly don't bring food race day and sample their delights. I have also convinced them to bring cold beer to the next one seeing as it's the last one of this series so us over 18's may indulge responsively.

Back to the racing and this year the fastest time of the day went to Adam Harding with a stonking 1:25.38 riding in the senior category along side Sam Marzetti in second with 1:26.89 and in third Zak Hurrell with 1:27. Only a few more hovered under the 1:30 mark. Well done.

Adam HardingAdam Harding in race winning action on the top section.

Senior men

1 Adam HARDING 1:25.38 (Fastest Time of the day)

2 Sam MARZETTI   1:26.89

3 Zak HURRELL 1:27.33

Ruairi Phelan JuniorRuairi Phelan making it look very easy and very bright.

Junior men

1 Ruairi PHELAN Kreek Racing Team 1:34.87

2 Tom PARKER Kreek Racing Team 1:39.38

3 Michael SHERATON TC Freeriders 1:40.32

Gravity Project's Master rider Andrew Gardiner taking his category win.

Masters men

1 Andrew GARDINER Gravity Project 1:29.87

2 James WEAMES 1:29.96

3 Chris ARCHER 1:31.05

Graham local mud focker hero GoodyearGraham local mud focker hero Goodyear riding part time for the Gravity Project

Veteran men

1 82 Graham GOODYEAR DC cycles /secret mud focker/ Gravity Project 1:35.62

2 Keith SAUNDERS Bournemouth Cycleworks / TF Tu 1:35.81

3 Rich SIMPSON Supernova Cycles 1:36.40

Jack Miller Youth WinnerJack Miller Youth Winner on  a mission.

Youth men

1 Jack MILLER 1:35.05

2 Alfie KILLNER Aston Hill MTB Club 1:36.29

3 Ollie HAMILTON-FOX   1:40.07

Jordan Beighton Juvenile
Jordan Beighton Juvenile winner

Juvenile men

1 Jordan BEIGHTON Kreek Racing Team 1:34.92

2 Riley JENNER 1:35.54

3 Josh MEAD Team Porc Whisper Bikes 1:41.12

Jeremy Coe RipperJeremy Coe Ripper winner. Have to say mass respect to these little guys giving it their all and putting in very good times.

Ripper Leo going down hard7 rippers raced but one took a tumbe. Ripper Leo going down hard but will be back to out talk you and one day out race you... :)

Ripper men

1 Jeremy COE 1:48.31

2 Sion MARGRAVE Team Darenth 1:51.63

3 Lucas MEAD Team Porc Whisper Bikes 1:56.78

Hardtail men

Matthew Welch Hardtail
Matthew Welch Hardtail winner. I have few shots of this guy and everyone he is pinned in. Now that is how you ride a bike.

1 Matthew WELCH 1:34.92

2 Scott FITZGERALD QECP Trail Collective 1:38.67

3 Adam CHANT 1:41.22

Ami Grindley Women
Ami Grindley Women winner and well under the 2 minute mark.


1 Ami GRINDLEY 1:56.05

2 Erika EXELBY Army CSR 2:00.38

3 Helen MCHALE New Forest CC 2:01.66

And your podium shots thanks to Big Mac Photography

A few videos from the day and a pre race track ride

Really good edit from the weekend courtesy of John Arthur
Gravity Project edit

Pre race day track ride.

The Gravity Project would like to thank
You the riders and marshals who continue to support the Gravity Project Honey Series.
Our sponsors and friends for this round
Whisper Bikes
UK South Engineers
Military energy gum

QECP Trail Build Collective
Mad Internet
Bowtell Farm shop

Looking for race photos from this event, check out Big Mac Photography who kindly provided most of the images you see here or hit up Roots & Rain, they also have the full results.

The last round for this series will be back at the Gravity Projects HQ the quarry, we hope your join us, keep checking back for more information coming shortly.

Till next time...