Honey Series rd 3 2014 Race Report

Sunshine, rocks and matching socks. Round 3 of the honey series took place at the Gravity Projects home venue and the track of choice was the rock line... Normally reserved for the end of the season due to it being a bit of a bike and body wrecker if you get it wrong. So who survived.. I mean won :)

Pushing the boundaries I thought how about we have an interactive race report. (Is this lazy or the future) I will give you the basics like it was really hot sunny day, the track was rocky, unpredictable and I drunk some beer while taking photos. You comment below if you want to know anything else and I will do my best to answer. While your thinking of some questions have a look at the winners in action and a few others shots of stuff that happened. Full the results hit up Roots & Rain

Ripper Men Winner Sion MargraveRipper Men Winner: Sion Margrave
2nd: Lucas Mead

Juvenile Winner Jordan BeightonJuvenile Winner: Jordan Beighton
2nd: Charles Griffith
3rd: Riley Jenner

Youth Winner Oliver CrosdilYouth Winner: Oliver Crosdil
2nd: Mathew McGovern
3rd: Alfie Harrison

Junior Winner Oli EvansJunior Winner: Oli Evans
2nd: Alex Gann
3rd: Toby Elliott

Senior Winner Grant MartinSenior Winner: Grant Martin
2nd: Liam Saint
3rd: Oliver Supiot

Master Winner Andrew GardinerMaster Winner: Andrew Gardiner
2nd: Chris Archer
3rd: Mathew Pidgeon

Veteran Winner Graham GoodyearVeteran Winner: Graham Goodyear
2nd: Richard Gilbert
3rd: Paul Evans

Hardtail Winner Matt CollinsHardtail Winner: Matt Collins
2nd: Dean Louden
3rd: Scott Fitzgerald

Women Winner Erika ExelbyWomen Winner: Erika Exelby
2nd: Rosa Martin

The Gravity Project would like to thank
You the riders who continue to support the Gravity Project Honey Series.
Our sponsors for this round
Whisper Bikes
UK South Engineers
Rip n Roll
Military energy gum

Mad Internet
Shere Clothing

The marshal who keep us safe and on track.
The medics who patch us up with things go wrong.

The photographers who are in abundance this year. Please support thier art. 
Big Mac Photography
Marcin Bialas Photography

The next round is at Queen Elizabeth Country Park and will sell out on line so get in quick.
This video is for all you enduro types... You know who you are...

Questions about the race? please leave below and we will see what we can do.