Honey Series rd 5 2013 Race Report

Love on the Rocks, came as no surprise, show me the track and find me some lines... The fifth and final round of the sunshine blessed Gravity Project Honey Series finished up back at the quarry with a new fast, rocky and a little scary in places track.

GP's Adam and his band of merry men always finish the session with a challenging course and boy did they deliver. The sunshine as it is now was was out to play, mix that with a white backdrop and you got hot, hot, hot. Numbers on this one weren't as high as normal be it the weather, other races or people scared of the track... Saying that around 60 of you took the challenge. My plan was to get down safely and go home in one bit, anything else was a bonus.


The track, starting at the top like you do, it was off the start ramp and a few peddles to get you moving, then some left, right, left turns into a steeper drop with a biggish double/step up affair. This was a little daunting at first but once ridden wasn’t a problem. Next up we enter the some rock strewn descents that a good line through was crucial. Myself I managed this only once on my last run. My first run I was brought to a complete stand still by a tombstone size rock and nearly went over the bars, second run I lost my line and slowed right down nearly coming off the track... This was down to me not knowing the lines to be honest as it could be ridden like Tommy playing pinball if you had the balls!

Once through the rocks it was time to hit the gas as you made your way along the side of the quarry face, this was like having a wall on your left side and a drop on the right. This descends down to the lower part of the Quarry with the track winding up and a down its walls, with jumps and drops to keep you entertained. With the very last jump shooting you out onto a rock littered path to the finish line. A lot of people got caught out here, gutting if you had been on it till then.

You can check out roots and rain for the results for the days racing, but being it the final of the series, overall titles where to play for. Gravity Project's Dan ( Stickle Brick ) Sibbick came away with the fastest time of day and the series win. With these skills it would be good to see Dan compete on a bigger playing field. Well done Dan, good skills!

Second place series winner went to Gravity Projects Paul (PaulA) Evans. Paul has has worked hard at the racing and I've never seen anyone get so nervous before a run. But credit to him while we were chilling in between runs he was flat out helping run the timing.

Third place was taken by Mud Focker Graham (Graaaaaheeeeeeed) Goodyear. This was his first year racing downhill and I knew he would do well. I was proved right, but I didn't want him to beat me... Focker!

Fourth place went to me, Mud Focker Dave (Deva) Lane. What can I say rocks are new to me and I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to jumps. The Gravity Project have pushed me as a racer this year as they have done with many of the others riders. Happy to take the forth and be on the podium with those fast boys. Although Graaaaaaheeeeeed...

Looking back at the series with its 5 rounds that took us to the Quarry 3 times, Avery Farm and QE Country Park. The Quarry has many different challenging tracks and is always a little scary. Avery Farm is a lovely venue and a great fun track to race on. QE was a very welcomed venue to the series, being it the longest track and a great one to ride, this showed with an oversubscribed field with day racers being turned away come race day. Book online next time!

The Gravity Project have done a grand job of bringing quality racing to the South. Like I have said before this is grass roots racing but a fantastic series for bringing riders on of all levels. The Team have worked hard on making the tracks challenging and rewarding. The timing now done by themselves has proved successful and hopefully has paid for its self by now. Good tracks and timing are the main ingredient in any downhill race series. But it's not all about the racing, you couldn't ask for a better bunch to make you feel at home. Not just the organizers but the riders as well. A fantastic atmosphere and sunshine seems to surround this series.

Big shouts I feel must also go out the photographers and video makers, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying one of the best parts of racing is seeing yourself racing. Please support these guys who have done a fantastic job in capturing you in action and giving you their time, also Whisper bikes who have been on hand with humour, spanners and loads of shiny bike parts. Last but not least The Mud Fockers; for a few of the guys it was their first time racing, for others it was a return back. We're not young guns, with most of us residing in the vets cats. But I have say we are at an age still young enough to put in good times on the track, but more importantly to put good times into the day. Well done Fockers!

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Love on the Rocks! Neil knows the score!

The Rockford Files. A bit before my time but hey!

Last off Kid Rock All summer long. Why not his name is kid Rock, it's mid summer and life is sweet!

Opps nearly forgot this. Gravity Projects Mr Evans giving you a track ride.