Honey Series rd 3 2013 Race Report

Oh Ah Avery Farm. It's just a turn to the left, and then a turn to the right, with your hands on your grips, you bring your knees in tight... But it's the dodgy first corner that really drives you insane, Let's do Avery farm GP again!

Oh Ah Avery Farm, it's like doing the time warp. The Gravity Project 2013 Honey Series round 3.

It's just a turn to the left, and then a turn to the right, with your hands on your grips, you bring your knees in tight... But it's the dodgy first corner that really drives you insane, Let's do Avery farm GP again!

The Gravity crew have been a busy bunch carving out a fresh new track that would offer a great days racing for all levels. As with all the Gravity races so far this season the atmosphere on race day was super laid back, fun and encouraging to all who raced, a great combination that makes this series a firm favorite for all your South based racers. Racing aside we must thank the lovely food ladies at Bowtells catering, Mr bike shop man Whisper Bikes, Series sponsors Schwalbe and ii10photo.com for supplying these lovely images which without no report could be written. You can purchase these at very reasonable rates, go check them out.

So with a new track to get to grips with I'll walk you down the course (Or just click the video below for a track ride with Gravity Project rider Paul "quick but not as quick as the fockers this time" Evans ). If your still with me then it's beep beep beep beeeeeeeeep and your off out the starting poles with a few peddle strokes, this sees you quickly hit a sharp tight right between trees, this tightens as you go round it, you have to be careful with your speed here, this caught a lot of people out. Then it's a very slippy left turn, a couple of peddles and up on to a rise that then flicks right then onto a longer left. Hold a good steady speed for the right to hold your line on the left turn as you want to get some peddles down out of this. keeping the high line while peddling its over some roots and then you enter a right hander. Be a bit steady here again to hold your line for a quick exit onto the next bermed left corner, after the berm is a jump you can hit flat out aiming to the left a bit over a couple of logs ready for a sharp"ish" right, so a bit of clever braking here again. Once round this let off and rail the left hand berm, carry your speed out and over a hump/right hand corner keeping tight right and rail the next left hand berm. This then pops you out in to 5 corners (switch backs), the first being a right hander, so do your braking before entering to hold a good smooth speed for all five. Out of here and its a few more peddle strokes into a good right hand berm, back on the gas to get you up the rise in the hill. then hit the cut in left hander that should keep you on a good high line on the slight off camber run down towards a jump into a down slope. After this it's a fast swooping right hander with a bit of a sprint finish in front of the adoring crowd.

oliver evans
Oliver Evans, fastest rider of the day and youth winner Gravity Project Round 3.

So track walked, what sort of times would we be seeing? With the track averaging around the minute, anything around the 55 second mark or under and you where having a good day. The fastest time of the day and the only guy to crack sub 50 was youth category winner Oliver Evans with an astonishing first run time of 49.99. Rapid or what! While on youth men Chris Klaichan took second with 52.53 and Dan Hickson placed 3rd with 58.87.

oliver crosdil
Oliver Crosdil Juvenile winner Gravity Project Avery farm

Juvenile Men: Continuing his current run of standing on the top spot of the Juvenile GP podium, Oliver Crosdil put down a hearty 55.41. Robert Thomas just a second slower and in second place pulled 56.42. 3rd went to Ollie Hamilton_Fox with 56.72.

finn tennant
Finn Tennant Junior Men winner Gravity Project Round 3 Avery Farm.

Junior Men: Finn Tennant never fails to deliver with a speedy 50.60. 1st in in Juniors and 3rd overall. 2nd went to Tom Thain 52.01 and 3rd Will Muddiman 54.08.

daniel sibbick
Dan Sibbick Senior Men winner Gravity Project Round 3 Avery Farm.

Senior Men: Dan Sibbick takes his first ever category downhill win along with the second fastest time of the day 50.15. He also had a pretty entertaining finish to his last run with a good slide off round the last corner, what could of been... Hot on his tail and all on the same second Adam Harding 2nd with 50.61 and 3rd Ben Taylor 50.95. These boys are fast!

Andrew Gardiner Master
Andrew Gardiner Masters Winner Gravity Project Avery Farm

Master Men: Andrew Gardiner (52.67) took the number one spot on his full bounce bike as well as racing the hardtail category. The next 4 riders where all on 56 seconds with only the splits calling rank. 2nd Ashley Moore 56.22. 3rd Michael Jelinek 56.38. 4th Bradley Ferreira 56.57 and 5th goes to Mud Focker / Hargroves Cyles Jason Kneller 56.85. The boys on the up!

graham goodyear gp3
Graham Goodyear Veteran men winner Gravity Project Round 3 Avery Farm

Veteran Men: I can dribble on a bit here as it's my cat. All top 3 riders were on the same seconds with only the splits deciding the 1,2,3. Graham Goodyear (Mud Fockers / Hargroves Cycles) took his first ever downhill win with an impressive 53.20. Coming up from the master and with some good pedigree Robert Gilbert broke up a Mud Fockers podium domination coming in second with 53.40. Dave Lane (Mud Fockers / Hargroves Cycles) claimed third 53.44. 4th place went to Mud Focker / Hargroves Cycles rider Mark Wooldridge. Last rounds winner and Gravity Project racer Paul Evans took fifth.

peter ballin
Peter Balin Hardtail winner Gravity Project Avery farm round 3.

Hardtail: Do I really need suspension... Do I? What is with the fast bone shakers... We parked up next to Peter Ballin the winner of the hardtails. Nice bloke and not only was he on a hardtail it was a bit of a shed. Didn't stop in from putting in a blistering time of 52.38. 2nd place went to Tommy two bikes Andrew Gardiner with 52.97 just 00.30 of his bounce timed run. 3rd Patrick Boxall 55.56.

rene diwell
Renee Diwell Women winner Gravity Project 2013 Avery Farm

Women: We have some Ladies!!! Coming over from the BMX collective with no track racing happening this weekend Nicola Spiers and Renee Diwell decided to give downhill racing ago. Renee has previous form and took the win with a 104.77. Nicola Spiers took second with 107.00. Not bad for her first ever downhill race and I'm sure not her last.

travis diwell wilson
Gravity Projects Top Little Ripper Award: Travis Diwell-Wilson wowing the crowds.

Little ripper award goes to Travis Diwell-Wilson and rightly so, putting in a time of 104.52 and a joy to watch, this kid certainly isn't passenger. We hope to see more.

Well that wraps up another awesome Gravity Project race. For all results click up the awesome Roots & Rain. This is a fantastic local series for anyone wanting to try their hand at downhill racing for the first time. It also has some pretty fast boys at the top for your more seasoned racers to test your skills against.

The next race is at a venue that hasn't had a Downhill race in around 15 years. Queen Elizabeth Country Park will play host to round 4 and it's set to be a busy one so get in now. For more details and to enter go to britishcycling.org.uk. For more info on the Gravity Project hit up their Facebook page.

Gravity Project Round 3 Podium Winners Avery Farm 2013

Avery Farm track ride with the Gravity Project's Paul Evans

Massive thanks for the use of the images. All images from this event can be found here ii10photo.com
See you at the races!