Honey Series Archive

Reports, results and historic articles from the Honey Series year end.

Love on the Rocks, came as no surprise, show me the track and find me some lines... The fifth and final round of the sunshine blessed Gravity Project Honey Series finished up back at the quarry with a new fast, rocky and a little scary in places track.

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The Gravity Project series never fails to deliver, with sunshine in abundance, banter of the highest level and a new track thrown in to the mix this was to be another awesome days racing.

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Oh Ah Avery Farm. It's just a turn to the left, and then a turn to the right, with your hands on your grips, you bring your knees in tight... But it's the dodgy first corner that really drives you insane, Let's do Avery farm GP again!

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Round 2 of the Honey Series was supposed to take place at the new venue at Avery Farm but to the recent bad weather car parking would of been a major issue so a return to the Quarry made perfect sense.

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Sorted for Honey and Wheels! The first race of the ever growing 2013 GP Honey Series took place at the Gravity Projects very own HQ. A disused quarry somewhere in a field in Hampshire, Alright!

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