By far the two most common questions we get asked before every race event are:

Which category should I enter?     &     Do I need a racing licence?

Well, read on and all should become clear... 

Which category should I enter?

Funny how simple things can end up so confusing but, as the British Cycling rule book puts it "A rider’s age category is determined as being on the 1st January of the year of the appropriate birthday." Help anyone?

Essentially it is the oldest they will be in 2017. For determining a rider's race category during the 2017 season, you just need to know what age they will be on the 31st December 2017; then look it up in our handy table below:

Rider Age on 31st Dec 2017 Gravity Project Race Category to Enter
12 or Younger

Ripper (AKA 12 & Under)

13 or 14 Juvenile
15 or 16 Youth
17 or 18 Junior
19 to 29 Senior
30 to 39 Master
40 to 49 Veteran
50 or Older Grand Veteran

Any Age

(Must be riding a bike with no rear suspension)
However, it is not gender specific, riders can
also choose to use a hardtail bike and race in
their age category if preferred.


Any Age, Female

(Hopefully increased female participation will allow
us to have female specific age categories in the future)


 Read more details at the British Cycling website should you wish:


Do I need a racing licence?

Quite simply, no.

The Honey Series races we run are classed as "Grass Roots" and categorised as Non-Ranking by British Cycling. The whole point of "Grass Roots" is three-fold - to encourage beginners, to get back into the sport or quite simply get off you lazy arse and ride. Minimal pressure, relaxed environment and hopefully consequence-free racing. However, if you want to know the details, or already hold a British Cycling race licence and want your race results linked to your account on the British Cycling website, then read on. 

At Gravity Project we run our races in accordance with British Cycling's Rules and Regulations and they started the 2017 race season on the 1st January 2017. This will now run though until the 31st December 2017, during which time if you do have a Silver or Gold British Cycling membership and a racing licence then you can get your British Cycling web profile and membership number associated with your Gravity Project race results.
Note: If you collect ranking points at other races or we specifically state we are holding a British Cycling points ranking race then the ranking season to collect points only runs until 30th November 2017.

There are 3 ways you can do this:

  1. By far the simplest method is to enter Gravity Project races via the British Cycling website having already logged in to your profile, then simply enter the race as normal. Once the race commissionaire issues their event report, British Cycling will approve and results will be added to their records and your profile shortly afterwards.
  2. If you do not pre-register for the Gravity Project races via the British Cycling website, then you must clearly add your British Cycling licence number to the on the day entry form. If you do not write your licence number in the area provided in a legible way then we will not chase you for a correction.
  3. If you find you've failed to do both points 1 and 2 above, all is still not lost. Wait until the results are published on the British Cycling events page and then get in contact with them to link the result to your membership, either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 0161 274 2020.

Although we don't offer national ranking points for the Honey Series it can still act as a great starting point for gaining experience, regulation awareness and progressing on to regional or national races.